[OS productivity]Survey of the project productivity when using OutSystems platform

Dear all,

I have read a report about productivity when using the OutSystems platform.

The report showed median productivity: 

+ OutSystems Productivity: 175 Function Points Per Month

+ Industry (projects using .Net, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc) Productivity: 16 Function Points Per Month

OutSystems has improved productivity more 10.9 times, this number very large.

Actually, in my projects (web application, Agile Model, and scope: Basic design, Detail design, Implement, UT and System Test), productivity when using OS to development is 35 Function Points Per Month, improved more 2x.

I want to create a survey to collect productivity when using OutSystems Platform in this forum with the format as below:

  1. Your project information: (example: Development a web application ...)
  2. Project Scope: (example: Basic Design, Detail Design,...Test)
  3. Project Model: (example: Agile Scrum, Kanban; Waterfall...)
  4. Project Productivity: (example: 50 Function Points Per Month)
  5. Others: (as team members skill, experience, project size....)

I hope to receive your feedback. 

Thank you so much, 

P/S: I attached a file OutSystems Productivity Report.


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My project as below:

  1. Your project information: Web application development with 30 screens, 12 batches, 5 API
  2. Project Scope: Implement and UT
  3. Project Model: Agile Scrum
  4. Project Productivity: 40 Function Points Per Month
  5. Others: Developer have experience OS about 2 months.