[Ultimate PDF] Ultimate pdf creates a blank file

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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 23 May by Leonardo Fernandes


I am trying to use the ScreenToPDF option of ultimate pdf and I am getting a pdf file with two blank pages.

When I set Preview to true, I can see the page is ok.

When I set to download the file or preview in browser, I've got an empty file with 2 pages.

Help!! :-)

Hi luiz silva ,

Do you have a user session active when downloading the PDF? 

Maybe you want to see the examples, available in the demo component :)


Hi Marco Arede

What is a user session? I am using an Anonymous role

Hi luiz silva ,

I made a reference to the session, because certain data can only be retrieved when we have a certain user session. Imagine that if the data you want to extract is not allowing access to anonymous users, then no data will be displayed. 


1) open the demo component, which contains the essential code to use:

2) use the action print to pdf (perhaps the best option in your case).

3) validate that you are providing the correct page URL.

I hope this helps you to get closer of solution.




I think that is a problem with the my organization's template.

I create a screen with no components from the template and I've got the pdf file.