Asing Roles in Users Application to AD-Azure users


I have configured Users Application's Authentication to use AD Azure.

The problem is when I try to assign a Outsystem´s role to AD user that never has logged to Outsystems, it does not appear in the app Users.

Is it possible not to force users to access Outsystems first so that they appear in the Users application list later?

Thak you for your help



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Can't you assign it on runtime, when they first login?
You can do is create an agreggate to store information about a user (for example what roles they might need) that has yet to login have a unique identifier maybe email or something else and then associate those entities when they first login and on runtime give them those roles.   

You could also create an action or process to sync the users in both systems... (obviously this may have commercial implications with user licenses). There are Microsoft APIs available on the forge that you could use:

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Hi André.

Thank you, I will investigate this today. As soon as I have news, I will reply.