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 I have an Outsystem app in development environment, but in the login page, when i type the username and password, sometimes it said not valid. Then i copy the username from mysql database, and it works. I believe that i did not type wrong one for the first try - because my mates - experience that too. 

Is there someone experience the same? What the cause? How to solve it?

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Please check whether the users module is set as 'Users' on the application.

hi tq,

where can i find that user module?



click on app  Module and see here


Rahul Sahu

Thank you for the reply, 

In my main (say it, mainmodule) , that property is assigned to another module, say it xxxmodule, and it locates in another application. And, i find some warning about the login that Outsystems reminds to use login action in that xxxmodule, not in the mainmodule. Can it be the source of that intermittent?



What platform version are you working on? OutSystems 11 does not support MySQL as the main OutSystems database (where the User entity is stored).

Typically you would want your applications to use the Users module as the User Provider module, check with whomever is responsible for those applications/modules that are showing a different module there if that was intentional or a mistake, as it will have an impact on successful logins.

Also, there may be multiple User records with the same value for the Username attribute (the Username attribute is not unique), and when logging-in the platform will choose the first one (if I'm not mistaken, the order will be the natural order of the database) that is active and check its password. If you have multiple records, it may be checking against a wrong one?

Hope this helps!

Hi Sir,

The environment is Version 10.0.302.0 Java stack. We use built-in LoginPassword for non ldap and Login action for ldap. They both need input parameter userid.

thank you