Question on Date format while Downloading

Hello Everyone,

In My Application am using the Download HTML to PDF Conversion. for that am Getting some Dynamic Values from Database. For Specific In Database Am having Date Format As eg(01-06-2020) but I need to Have format like (01/06/2020) While Downloading please help me out here.

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Ramesh Pugazhenthi.

Hi Ramesh,

You can simply use  "FormatDateTime" builtin function-


Rahul Sahu



how you can check in the built-in functions, you have several functions, some of them to do date format and other to "manipulate" the date and time.

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If you want change the date format in whole project, you have another solution:

This is the forge component I use mostly to handle timezone:Time-Zone. By default everything is in UAT. That's a pain. 

And regarding the date format you have an option in the Environment configuration. 

Note: In Service Center, go to "Administration", then "Environment Configuration". There's an option "Date Format". Note that even after changing it, afaik the internal Functions that deal with converting date strings to dates etc. still need the "yyyy-MM-dd" format, so check your apps if they rely on that.