User Resgiration allowing to resgiter but not login


I wanted to develop a sample project to which user need to register for himself and login besides regular functionalities of the project. I tried to use the similar components of   from Forge. But the direct project(User registration flow web) is working for both registration and login, whereas my sample project with same code allowing to register but not allowing to login (says Invalid username and Password).


Sunil Reddy

Hi Sunil,

Have you debugged you code or you check data in User enitity with same user exsist or not. this is may be password issue.

i hope you  are using default login functionality.


Rahul Sahu


I Observed that the problem is with Login Screen (Under Common UI Flow) where it is asking for Email address and password to Input whereas Users Module is validating Username and Password resulting in "Invalid Username and Password Error"