Tracking defects in Platform and Supported forge components

Perhaps someone knows how to access this information, has a solution or there is a forum best practice we could be following. 

The challenge we are having is that when we raise a case with support and they confirm that there is a bug/issue/defect in either the platform, studio or Outsystems supported forge component,  unless a person creates a forum post for the issue and attaches the associated defect code then that information doesn't appear to be available to the wider developer community.  

Given the detailed notes that support provides when confirming bugs/issues/defects I'm sure these would be of value to the wider community.  

I've tried searching for  current defects that we are awaiting/watching for resolution on but these don't show outside of our support page, so it appears that there isn't searchable know issues list outside release notes for platform elements?

Hi Paul,

A partial answer is that for Forge components you can post the issue on the Components support page.