Re : Nested TableRecord/ListRecord

Re : Nested TableRecord/ListRecord

How do you display nested records?
  • "User shall be able to response to a topic question with a solution."
  • "User shall be able to response to a topic or solution with a comment."

Topic "High Scalability: Vertical Scaling vs Horizontal Scaling?"
Description "Vertical Scaling vs Horizontal Scaling, which is better and why?" - Alice Ace
Comment "...." Bob Wizard
Comment "...." James Cook
Solution "Horizontal scaling (or scaling out), is the prefered choice when..." - Bob Wizard
Comment "Which one is easiest to implement and which one would you choose?" - Alice Ace
Comment "Vertical Scaling (or scaling up) is the easiest to implement ....." - Bob Wizard
Comment "Thanks alot" - john smith
Solution "...." - Andrew James
Comment "...." Bob Wizard
Basically would like to display a List of all topic solutions along with a List of all comments under the topic and solutions.

Hi Robert,

In order to nest record you must use webblocks. For instance, if you have a ListRecords with the topics for each row you can have a webblock that it's also a list of comments or solutions to the topic.
If you separated the data model in Comments and Solutions you can use an Advanced Query with a union of both into a common structure that you must define in Service Studio.
Obviously you can continuing nesting with more webblocks. So if you know that what you're showing in the first webblock's listrecord item is a solution (If List.Current.SolutionOrComment.IsSolution) then you can add a webblock that shows the comments of that solution.

Note: I'm assuming that you have Agile Platform 4.2 or higher, otherwiser it would be much more complex :(

Hope this helps you.

hi André

Thanks for the tip, it works!