[IdP] ADFS Single-sign-On sometimes not works

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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes

IDP had been configured to work with ADFS successfully. First 2 times, i can login and logout the SSO successfully. However, it need not authenticate and access the system directly and when i tried to login the system in third times in the same browser screen. I have checked the SAML message log in IDP and found that the sequence of login (abnormal) is as below.

1. LoginResponse

2. AuthnRequest

Any ideas how to fix it?



Hi Jesica,

1) Never believe in the logs. I mean never :-) it use sorting in seconds, means that if you have something happens in the the same second the order will not be in place. Especially if you use ServiceCenter logs.... It may be mess. What to see real order, use microseconds or add own order number  :-)

I just checked own logs and find at least 2 times AuthRequest after LoginResponse :-)

If you wanna to fix it :-) add Microseconds :-) or try to sort by the table Id.

Actually, i don't care the log sequence and want to identify and solve the SSO issue for no authentication is needed and accessing the system directly in third times login in the same browser screen.