Service Center page

Service Center page

Can someone help me ...
By accessing the Service Center page gets all unconfigured ...
I did not realize why ...

See attached file




Try to restore the browser configuration to default values, probably there are some bad configuration on your browser.

Nelson Inácio

Hi Sandra.

I noticed the URL is sandra-pc . Could you try accessing it by the machine's IP, and see if it gives the same result?


- Are you connecting to the internet through a proxy?
- Are you using a VPN connection that may be redirecting the traffic somehow?
- Have you tried a different browser, to make sure whether or not it's about the configurations?

If this doesn't help, I thoroughly recommend you get in touch with our support department, since they'll be better equipped to track down the problem in your specific case...

Let us know how that turns out.

Paulo Tavares
Hi Sandra

There seems to be a problem with Service Center's CSS (style sheet) files, since the web browser apparently wasn't able to load them.

Try CTRL+F5 to force refresh the web page load in the web browser.


Miguel Simões João

Hi Nelson, Paulo and Miguel

Thanks for the suggestions ...
I tried everything but did not result .... I'll follow the advice of Paulo and get in touch with our support department.
Once resolved, post here ...

Until next time ...


Hi Sandra,

I found a solution for a similar problem.

I installed in IIS the role "Static Content" (was installed Mime Types) and all works fine.