Hi All,

I am trying to fetch the contents of a folder in the Google Drive, but no luck. Also, tried using the drive connector in Forge but no progress there too.

I am able to fetch the single file/image content using the file id but not the entire folder.

Any pointers please?

Thanks and regards,


Hi Suyash,

First of all, if you have problems using a Forge component, the best you can do is post your issue on the support page of that component. The component team will be notified via a private message. As they might not actively monitor the forum, this will help you get assistance.

Second, you describe what you fail to do, but don't give any details on what goes wrong, don't you know how to do it, do you get an error message? Did you check the Service Center Log for meaningful error messages?

You need to use the FileList public server action from the GDriveConnector module:

You can also install the Demo application (from the Forge component page), the WebblockAllFilesList shows how to use the FileList action.