What happens to my Dev enviromnt if I press the detach button before license expires?


I've an on premise application running on Outsystems platform.

Question has arisen about detaching before my license expires.

The application is made up of around 20 eSpaces.

Presumably each eSpace is detached separately into a Visual Studio Project from what I understand from the documentation?

After clicking on the detach button in my development environment, will I immediately lose ServiceStudio, Service Center etc. in my test and production environments or will I still be able to use them for Business As Usual (BAU) development during the year before my license expires whilst I work on detaching in my development environment?



Hi Hadleigh,

Here is the official OutSystems documentation on the Detach Process:


I think it will answer your questions.



Hi Hadleigh,

I cannot imagine you will be immediately lock out of everything after starting the detach process.

Everything you need to know about the process you can find in this documentation:


As you will find in the documentation, you have the ability to detach the source code from every module you have in the environment. It is a process that will take some time I can imagine, but by all means open a support case with OutSystems and ask them if you can continue working with the platform until the license expires.

Hope this helps.