OutSystems Syntax Documentation

Hi!  I'm new to OutSystems and am not a developer.  I'm going through the traditional web app guided path course, which is helpful.  What I'm really wanting is a document describing syntax.  I'm not quite getting the structure of syntax for aggregates, expressions, assigns, etc.  It may also be that some basic logic is escaping me.

Is there technical documentation that describes syntax and the meaning of the syntax somewhere?  Or maybe there is a resource outside of OutSystems I can reference?


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Hi Gretchen,

Welcome to the OutSystems community.

When you are new to OutSystems, then the one-stop place to go is https://www.outsystems.com/learn/ 

Here are tons of free training material on how to use OutSystems.

Furthermore, the is also tons of official OutSystems documentation at https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation.

If you followed some training or even a complete guided path, and read some the documentation and still have a question, just ask again on the forum and someone will quickly try and help you.

Myself, when I need to look up something I just start google, type in the topic that I want to search on and with " in OutSystems". Like "How to use an aggregate in OutSystems". The results with the word "success" in the link are 99% of the time official OutSystems documentation.