[IdP] IdP component using OutSystems login screen

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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes
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Published on 5 Jun by Leonardo Fernandes

Hi everyone,

Is there a way we can use this component using our own login screen? Meaning we are trying to integrate with a 3rd Party SSO (not the usual ones Okta, Ping, and so on). And they have the possibility to set a screen as the login screen. And we have asked to set our OutSystems screen as the end-point.

As part of this process we receive on the URL the SAMLRequest + Id_Token that we need to capture and send back with the username + password provided on the OutSystems screen.

What is the best way to achieve this? Using this component to get the SAML Response, Register the User on our side, the session the SAML Logs and so on...

Thank you,

Nuno Mendes