[OutUploader] Discussion

[OutUploader] Discussion

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Published on 2007-04-12 by André Vieira
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Published on 2007-04-12 by André Vieira

I can't open the OutUploader solution in Service Center 5.x or the eSpace in Service Studio 5.x.
1. Is there a new version compatible with 5.x?
2. Is there another way to get around this problem?
3. Is there a new solution that provides ability to upload multiple files?

Hi Andrew,

What happens is that the OutUploader solution is still in the version 4.0 of the OutSystems Platform. This means that it is necessary to first upgrade to version 4.2, and after to version 5.0 .

I did that upgrade (you can find the attached upgraded solution OutUploader-1.1.1.osp). Unfortunately, after some tests I see that, even though the file upload works, some javascript errors are popup up during the upload. Nevertheless, I am leaving the solution here in case you want to take a look at it.

I do not know of a solution for multiple file upload already packaged for OutSystems, nevertheless you can  embed HTML objects in OutSystems screens with unescaped expressions  (Flash, ActiveX, Java Applets, Javascript frameworks, etc.). In case you are planning to use an existing solution in any of these technologies, you can integrate them in your OutSystems application (one example is the jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin).


Daniel Lourenço

Hello All,

I like this component and want to use it in 5.1. I already upgraded this solution to 5.1.
But is the already someone who solved the javascript errors?

If so, please share it with the community.

Dick Dokter