How to use timer to schedule a specific time to trigger email?

Hi All,
Has anyone has any idea or a demo on using timer to send auto reminder email every 3 days?

You can just schedule the timer to run Daily maybe. And in the logic that;s triggered by the timer have a simple check to see if the last reminder was sent 3 or more days ago then send a reminder and update the latest reminder date for the record to current date time . 




Hi Gwen,

As an alternative solution to what Tushar proposed, you can let the timer after it completed its task reschedule itself to be started 3 days later again. You can do this by updating the next run of your timer in the shared systems entity Cyclic_Job_Shared having attribute NextRun.

for eg: you can set AddDays(CurrDate(), 3). 

Some extra useful documents on writing safe timers:



Hi, is there any example or OML file about trigger the send email?

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