Building a chatbot using azure and outsystems chatbot component


I'm fairly new to Outsystems and enjoying it so far (by the large). Anyway, I'm trying to use a chatbot on a reactive web app using the outsystems chatbot component. I configured on the Azure side without any issues - I was able to build a knowledge base,tested the bot successfully and deploy via direct channel. I was starting to configure on the outsystems side (following this link https://www.outsystems.com/p/build-intelligent-chatbots-outsystems-ai/thank-you) but was snookered immediately. I input the directLineSecret key that you get from azure  and published but keep getting the error  'Producer 'AzureBotFrameworkConnector' module definition is incompatible. Please update it.'. I have tried to do this though manage dependencies but without any luck. Please can you advise?

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Hi Andrew,

Did you make sure that you used the Reactive version of OutSystems AI Chatbot and not the version for Traditional Web?


Furthermore, when you refresh the dependencies inside both the AzureBotFrameworkConnector module, you will find an extension called OMLProcessor marked in red in the Producer section. You just need to leave that extension untouched and refresh the other modules by clicking the blue arrows on the side individually. After that hit the 'Apply' button (do not use the 'Refresh All' button in this case) and your module should show no errors so you should be able to publish it without any issues.

Same applies to the Chatbot module, which you will need to refresh after publishing the AzureBotFrameworkConnector module. It also uses the OMLProcessor extension, so make sure to keep the above instructions in mind while refreshing its dependencies.

Some background info

OMLProcessor is a system component (an extension included in the Service Center application) that is normally not publicly available as a dependency. Only to a certain group of people who get permission by OutSystems to use that extension in their Forge components. So for you and I, it will look like the OMLProcessor extension is missing in our environment, even though it actually is not. It is just not available as a 'public' producer to other modules.

Hope this helps!



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Hi Nordin

Thanks for the quick and detailed reply.

I actually resolved the issue. When I was managing the AzureBotFrameworkConnector I was ticking all the boxes instead of just leaving the boxes ticked suggested by the system (as I said I'm pretty new to Outsystems). Nevertheless, I hope this may save some other beginner  hours of frustration. On the plus side the Bot looks good.