As you can see in the snip below I want to show a message if the function succeeds or not. Am I in the right track of using IF, if yes what is the correct syntax for this? I've done research and there's no hit of it at all. If not kindly suggest me the correct way of doing this process. Also if you can help me find syntax for validation I would greatly appreciate it for this can help me with my future problems. Thanks in advance! 

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Hi Jayson,

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So if I understood correctly, you pretend to validate if the Create action.was sucessfully executed, meaning that if the record was created correctly in the database.

When you use a Create action, if it was executed successfully, the Id output parameter should be different from null. That's exactly what you should use in your validation:

Createdatabase.Id <> NullIdentifier()

This means that, if the return of the Create action is different from null, then it is because the record was created successfully in the database,

Hope that this helps you.

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Rui Barradas

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As you can see create function returns identifier so u can't use as Boolean in if block.Your condition should be like below,

Createdatanase.id<>nullidentifier,if success prompt success message if not propmt error message.


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Thank you very much. Everything is clear now! thanks guys!

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Hi all,

I don't think we need to check anything. When the create method failed, there should be an exception automatically raised by the system, else you got it created

Hope it help