When u need to reinstall the app ?

When u need to reinstall the app ?

  1. When app icon changes

  2. Homescreen changes

  3. Local storage entity added

  4. Database entity added


Hi Mahesh,

The first option is right-

When app icon changes 


Rahul Sahu


Thank you. I felt the same 

Hi Mahesh,

Although the answer from Rahul is not wrong, it is far from complete.

Here is an abstract from the official documentation on this matter:

Situations when the user must install a new build

Even though every time a “1-Click Publish” runs the changes are automatically made available to the app, some changes require from the users to install an updated app package on the device. It happens when:

  • the configurations for a mobile platform were changed
  • the Extensibility Configurations property was changed, for instance, modification, addition or removal of mobile plugins, changes to status bar transparency, custom icons or splash screens, and so on
  • an external resource of a plugin was updated
  • the app name was changed
  • the entry module or its name was changed
  • the app icon was replaced
  • the main color of the app was changed

After these changes are published, the experience of the users with outdated apps may suffer some impact. In the case of plugins, it is a good practice to include fallbacks in the apps to avoid crashing until the last version is installed on the device. These potential issues are automatically fixed when the user upgrades to the latest app package.



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