[CKEditor.Reactive] Reusing a screen with CKEditor.Reactive results in errors and a blank TextArea

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Published on 7 May by João Rafael Capucha
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Published on 7 May by João Rafael Capucha


I have created a Reactive application where one can create articles. I use this component to let people control the look and feel of the text. 

When I go to a page for the first time everything works as expected. The article text is displayed in the CKEditor panel and I can edit it. But when I navigate away from the screen and return with a different article I get a blank TextArea and an error in the Browsers developer tools Console pane. There is no way to get the component working again without reloading the page including waiting an extensively period of time. 

I have create a demo to show you the issue. I have also attached the demo so you can analyse it further. The Demo will bootstrap 3 articles and contain 2 screens in the same manner as I use it in my application.

Link: https://vkoning.outsystemscloud.com/PoCCKEditorissue/ 

The error in the console:

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Hi Vicent,

The issue is because you need to destroy CKEditor when leave the screen where you were using it. I am working to fix this issue in the component and I will release something soon. Meanwhile,  you can try to destroy it and this should be working fine. 



Hi Fabio,

I thought is was something like that because I had the a similar behavior in one of my forge components. I solved it by doing it myself in the OnDestroy of the webblock. That way the developer doesn't have to do it themselves.