Connecting with External Database

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I having been trying to get some answers to the below two questions, both of them are related to connecting to an external database:

1. Why do we need to configure a physical database for a extension that is importing entities after setting up a connection in the integration studio. It seems to be a additional step that somehow does not justify its logical sequence.

2. While importing entities from an external DB when are the CRUD operations created, I understand they are only created after we mark an attribute as an Identifier, what I am trying to know is that these CRUD operations for external DB entities are similar in functioning as the normal module entities but, is there a difference between them in the manner in which outsystems has implemented them.

FYI I am not implementing anything at the moment, but trying to grasp these concepts.

Any lead will be much appreciated!!

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1. You do not have to provide the physical table name, after you add external table using wizard, it should already have value. Any entity in Outsystems need the physical table name, even for internal tables. Make sure you remove the logical schema name from physical table name and put it in right place.

2. CRUD operation work in same fashion, never felt any difference (foreign key might give trouble using advance query). you cannot join external entities with Outsystems entities, few things like this are there.

Check https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Extensibility_and_Integration/Extend_Logic_with_Your_Own_Code/Managing_Extensions/Define_Extension_Entities

Hope this gives a starting point 


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Hi Prasad

Thank you for your reply, does make things more clear.