Set the Variable Values with several pop-ups and display the variable values

Hello, all

I am new to using the Outsystem software. I got an assignment from my supervisor to create a form, where the form has several variables that can be filled in when we click on the variable and a pop-up editor will appear to change the value of the variable. There are several questions I want to ask:

1. All I know is that the pop up on the outsystem can be made from a screen or web block, now if I want multiple pop-ups to fill in the values of all the variables in the form, do I have to make multiple screens or web blocks? If it can only be with 1 screen, how do you technically make the pop up editor only bring up the variable being clicked on?
This is an example of a mock-up that my boss made

2. After the pop-up editor is closed and the variables in the form already have a value, how do I make the variables in the form change its appearance to the pre-filled values?

This is an example of a mock-up

I am very dizzy thinking about how to do it all day, I hope someone can understand this question and answer it, and sorry for my bad English, because I use Google Translate

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Hi Syamasu,

A few minor details change depending on whether you are using traditional web or reactive web.  In either case you can do this using a single popup. You would pass the popup a variable and then you have to send information back to the parent. This article should help:  https://success.outsystems.com/Documentation/11/Developing_an_Application/Design_UI/Reuse_UI/Use_Events_to_Propagate_Changes_From_a_Block_to_the_Parent   Once the data is back on the parent side, if you are using traditional web , then you need to do an AJAX Refresh of the proper area on your screen. If it's  a reactive web application, you may not need to refresh/requery depending on how those variables are held.