Hello SQL expert in outsystems

I have a problem and let me ask some questions.

My problem is I have two table(Old table and New table)

I select data by person for 12 months from Old table and calculate total_1 and total_2.

The result is inserted in New table.

please check out my picture.

How can I achieve this two total in SQL.

Is is possible to solve using SQL?

If any other way please point out me.


Hi May Zin Linn,

You can do this with an SQL instead of an aggregate, like:

SELECT {entity}.[col1], 
       {entity}.[num1] + {entity}.[num2] RowTotal
FROM {entity}
SELECT 'Total' AS Total, 
       SUM({entity}.[num1]) AS Num1Total, 
       SUM({entity}.[num2]) AS Num2Total, 
       SUM({entity}.[num1] + {entity}.[num2]) RowTotal
FROM {entity}