Unable to post from chatbot web hook

Hi I have been experimenting with chatbots. I'm developing a webhook to interogate my chatbot developed in Azure using Luis using the following link.


If I add breakpoints in my GetMessageResponse action in my webhook I can see the chatbot in Azure being hit as it comes back with a topscoringintent. However when I pass my message to the ReplyToActivity server action in the webhook I get a 'Boterror: failed to send activity". In service center I can see the below logs 

I have looked over the documentation a nos of times and can't see anything wrong with my configuration entries. I'm pretty sure its the configuration thats the issue - does anyone have any advice/tips?



Hi Andrew! 

Check the DirectLine endpoint and the API Keys.

I think at this point Azure is little bit confused.

And I suggest you to try to open a new topic in the Chatbot forge component in the Support tab.