(In-App Chat Mobile):Instead of using System Users table, want to use Own Users table


I have created Mobile App using In-App Chat forge component, in that i have implemented LDAP login  functionality using the external user table and not the System -->Users table.

When user logs in into my application, i want to store the userid (of my external users table) in the session. how do i do that, because the function GetUserId() takes the userid from the Systems--> Users table, which i do not want to use.

The In-App Chat forge component works fully, by using System--> Users table. I want to use my own User Table and use throughout the In-App Chat. Is is possible?

Hi Faiza,

OutSystems' revenue model is based on registered users. When you want to bypass the OutSystems Users table, you are abusing the system.

You can synchronize the LDAP users with the OutSystems users and when you configure LPAP in the User Management, you can login via LDAP into OutSystems, which loads the session variables and GetUserId().

Kind regards,

Remco Dekkinga