Plugin to save all modules and remove all unused dependencies?

Greetings all,

Do you know of any plugin or easy way to

  1. save all modules (as .oml) and/or
  2. remove all unused dependencies across all modules in an application?



Hi Ys,

Regarding your first question.

Not sure if it is the answer you search for, but you can add all modules to a solution and then download the solution. The solution file is actually a zip file with all the .OML files inside. So if you rename .OSP file to .ZIP and open it you will see all the OML files.

The answer to your second question I don't know, I never heard about such a feature.




Hi YS,

As far as I'm aware, Service Studio does not have any plugin architecture in place so if it's not available out-of-the-box, then there's no way of adding it either.

Daniel's approach to backing up all modules would be my choice as well... but this is done from Service Center, not the OutSystems IDE.

My suggestion is you add an Idea in the Community Ideas section (search if those ideas aren't there already), so that the product team is aware of your particular needs (and of anyone that votes your ideas up).

Hope this helps!