Dynamic Input Table - Building an Investment Portfolio

Hi Guys,

I'm new to Outsystems and I'm just trying out a few features.

I would like to build a screen, so that the user has the possibility to build an investment portfolio consisting of investment funds with the corresponding exposures by means of input fields.

The user should enter the information "ISIN" and "Exposure" line by line. The user should have the possibility to dynamically add another fund to the portfolio, for example by pressing an "Add" button. A new input line for "ISIN" and "Exposure" should then appear.

The data should then be stored in a table. (see example)

Is this possible in Outsystems without scripts? If yes, where do I find more information about it?

Thanks for a short answer.

You can use the Editable Table Widget to allow users to add, edit, delete records on the fly.




did you try with this forge component?


Extra info: How to have multiline inputs in Editable Table