Lifetime: How to find out why he wants to redeploy certain applications

When creating a deployment in Lifetime, with some modules, it wants to redeploy a lot of applications.

the strange things is, if you go down each module and look at the consumers, there is no link.
Is it also looking at the producers of the modules? And perhaps then the consumers of those producers?

Perhaps someone has experience with this (finding out relations between OutSystems modules).

Hi Luis,

Peter is a very experienced OutSystems developer that probably can dream the two documents you shared  They do not answer the problem he describes. These are just standard documents in how to use lifetime.



Hi Daniel,

I shared a link that describes how depedencies are validated and added when the user do a plan in Lifetime. That was my perception about what Peter ask.

I think this can help Peter as guide. I Will also send  a Message to him to try to help better 

Hi Luis and Daniel. Thanks for your reply. I send you a message Luis but perhaps it's nice to put it also here for others to read/reply etc.

On my current assignment I have a weird connection between modules of our team and of another team.

When adding an application (with one Core module (On Layer 3 on 4L Canvas)) it states that I have 38 depending applications.
When I check the module in ServiceCenter and look for the dependencies I see 4 Producers and 13 consumers.
Of the 4 producers there is one module that is used by the other team.
Of the Consumers none of the modules is used by the other teams, even the consumers of those modules. (I clicked through all of them).

So my question is: Does lifetime only fetch the consumers or can he make a side step to redeploy one of the producers (and all of his consumers). That will lead to a redeploy of almost our complete factory. I see the same behavior when I do "Publish all consumers" in ServiceCenter for that module...

I have found the reference. It was a reference by one of the consumers that was referenced by the our module.

So clicking through everything a second time solved this issue. :(


Glad to know that is easy to solve :)