Dates earlier than 1900-01-01

Dates earlier than 1900-01-01

What are our options for dealing with dates that are earlier than 1900-01-01?

It's not unreasonable to have and early date.  Do we need to use a text field and compare with functions?

Hi Tom

Are you using Agile Platform over SQL Server or Oracle database?

Do you have an idea of the range of dates you require? Depending on this information, there could be different alternatives.



Thanks for the response.

We are using Agile Platform in its default configuration (SQL Server?) along with Oracle Data through external entities.

So, for this discussion, the main concern is data through external entities by way of the Oracle Database.

Our required date range to some degree of likelihood may never need to be before 01-01-1900, but it may and we are not sure what to do in those situations.

The main example of this happening would be an older client (> 70) who may want to enter data for their parents.  In that instance we would most likely need to go earlier.