Creating a site-wide (eSpace-wide) template?

Creating a site-wide (eSpace-wide) template?

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the whole Agile Platform, so I probably haven't finished screwing my head on the other way round to get the full benefit of the awesomeness of the platform...

One thing I'm stumbling over is: in all the tutorials, developer lessons, etc. that I've seen, the site design seems to consist of "Create a Header and a Footer web block and paste it into every new page you create."

Is there a way to design the site "the old way", i.e. create a template that specifies "here is the content area that other pages may write into", so that the look gets applied automatically to any new page that's created?

(I hope this request even makes sense in the context of Agile Platform - if not, I'd love to learn how to do it the proper way in this environment.)

Thanks for any info,

André Fischer

Hi André,

Welcome to the OutSystems community!

In the OutSystems technology the way to reuse web interface widgets are Web Blocks. To have a common header, footer, menu, side-bar, etc., what have to do is create a web block that implements each UI widget – you can then reuse your web blocks simply by dropping them on your web screens.

To quickly start the development of your applications (particularly, the layout), you should take a look at the OutSystems Style Guide component the OutSystems Style Guide is a template OutSystems application that implements several web patterns and functionality that can be easily reused in the development of new applications.
To make it easier to learn about the OutSystems Style Guide, I just made a post in the OutSystems Style Guide component discussion that you can read here. You will find there several links to resources that will help you understand the OutSystems Style Guide and learn how you can use it.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Lourenço
Hello André,

I understand what you're meaning.

We also developed not a 'standard outsystems' site, with a header menu (javascript), left menu, top menu and so on. We used webblocks to develop it on this way. We did it by making some containers that where static,  put those in the webscreen and put the correct webblock(s) in the correct container.

Hope this could be a little bit usefull?

Kind Regards,