About Timepicker widget in reactive web

Hello Everyone, I'm trying to use an input widget for the time picker in reactive web application. So, do we have any widget in reactive-web like time picker widget on the traditional web?. Please help me with it. Is there any new update in the reactive web for the time picker widget for related usages.

Thank you.

Hi Abinaya,

In reactive application you can use "DatePicker" widget for get datetime input.

In DatePicker widget have multiplle property you can use itt, like ShowTime , Time Format

And the output is like

Hope this will help you.


Rahul Sahu

But how about solely time picker, not date time?

I know that the input type can be set to time, but there are no other options for the format etc.

I would like have a similar time picker the traditional web has, where it's possible to set an interval.