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Actually, it has been 4 days that i started exploring OutSystems as it was asked by my organisation under immersive initiative.Now, in upcoming meeting i was asked to come up with Simple Project. As, i m just a beginner. So, i would like to ask that what "Simple Project" should i choose to build under OutSystems for the duration of 1-2 week with the 3 people in a team. If somebody could answer then it will be very helpful for me and my team. Will wait for kind revert.

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Hi Rohit,

judging by you profile, you haven't spent much time in the learning section yet, so I think it would be very helpful for all 3 of you to follow either the web, the mobile or the reactive course.  These courses come with their own sample projects that get completed along the course of learning progress, so you can get an idea from that on how much you should try to realistically stuff into your short 3 weeks.

If I were you, I'd have each of the team follow another learning path for the first week.  In the second week, give a demo to each other of what you accomplished, and maybe compare on how the 3 paths are the same/different and go into detail on these aspects.

Then come up with a little project for the last week.  As far as what this should be : don't make it too big, make sure you have a list of features ordered by importance, so when you can't do all of them, you still have something to show, and as far as the subject is concerned, please enjoy the freedom of doing something you like instead of something your business/customer wants, you have a whole career of that ahead of you :-)


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Hello Rohit,

2 Ideias:

- Collaborators Timesheet;

- Task List Workflow;

Best regards

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as you are beginners, I would focus on the core

- simple datamodel with only a few related tables, enough to showcase the relationship types and the use of static entities

- to showcase something of typical architecture, maybe work with a core data module, a reactive ui module, and I would find it fun to also have maybe a mobile ui using the same core module for its data

- I would try to make something with very few screens, and showcase some interesting stuff on them, rather then having a large datamodel and then ending up making dozens of similar looking screens just to be able manage all that data

- don't bother with things like REST or SOAP integrations, remote database integrations, cordova plugins, mobile device synchronisation strategies,...  As you only have a short time, that's too much for a first app, I think.

- put some nice looking things in like charts, pictures, some pretty UI elements if you are going to demo it

as for the subject, i'd say use your imagination, pick something not too serious.  I remember back in the day, in one of the teams I worked in, we had an app for coffee rounds in the office, with peoples preferences, and a log of who did rounds when and what people were drinking, so you could make charts about that kind of stuff, like who drinks the most cups a day, who falls short on doing a round for colleagues,...  Everybody could use mobile app offer to do a round, request what they want.  and you could use reactive app to make a dashboard with some graphs...

Or maybe make your own version of a simple game

There are places on internet who offer ideas, just google it.