How to enable reset button to delete data


I'm starting to use the platform and I'd like to know how to place an action in a button to remove an entry.

Bom Dia, estou iniciando o uso de uma plataforma e gostaria de saber como coloca uma ação em um botão para excluir um registro ... 

Hi, friend. 

What are you developing? 

The 'entry' is inside a list or table? 

There are many ways to do that. 

(Se for mais fácil para você em português, manda mensagem direta)


Hello Fàbio.

(I took the liberty of translating your post so more people can understand you and help you.)

It will depend if you are doing Traditional Web, Reactive or Mobile but usually, it goes like is:

-You create a screen action with record Id as input.

-On a link you call that action, sending the row entry id.

-The action does the deletion by id.

-You may need to refresh query and screen to update data and see the changes.

You should take a look in the Learning section:

There are several examples of that.

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