Google calendar in the Reactive Web module is possible?
Is there a way to use Google Calendar in the Reactive Web module? And how to do that?
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Not clear from your question exactly what it is you want to do, and what, if anything, you've tried.

Are you looking to embed a Google Calendar view in the app?

Have you tried embedding as an iframe? 

Please provide more information so we can better assist.

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Adding translation (via Bing translator):

"I need to create and change Google Calendar data in an app in the Reactive Web module. Find out that Google has an open API, but you're still trying to see how it works to try to adapt to in-app testing. Because I found an API ready only for the Web module. For Reactive, I haven't found it yet."

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If all you need is to interact with the Google Calendar data, then you should be able use the REST integration in OutSystems, and call the appropriate APIs, such as the event APIs listed here:


When I'm working with 3rd-party APIs, I will typically do some testing of the API using a tool such as Postman, so I can better understand how the API works, and then add the desired APIs to my OutSystems application via REST integration: