update progressbar from screen action


I have a popup window in which I have an upload widget and a progressbar. When I select an excel file and select ok button a sever action is called.This server action contains ExcelToRecordList widget that reads the excel file to recordlist. I am then looping this recordlist for some validations and then I am saving this values to DB.
So my issue is that, when the excel contains a lot of records, it is taking lot of time to complete the process. So, I am showing a progresbar in the popup. In order to update the progressbar, in the action flow I am updating the progress value(0,10,20,30,..,100) at different places and is ajax refresing the progressbar component.
But the progressbar does not shows any progress and at the end it is refresing to 100%.
Anybody has any idea how to implement this?



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Hi Sundeep, 

Try using the AnimateInitialProgress parameter with the value = False.