Write an SQL Null Value in database through outsystems

Write an SQL Null Value in database through outsystems

Hi guys,

Is there anyway you can write an SQL null value in database ?

For example: instead of writing "1900-01-01' for a date, can i write SQL null value?

Thanks in advance,
Hi Fernando,

Are you trying to write in Entities that you created in Service Studio or entities that you imported in Integration Studio?

If you are talking about Service Studio entities, the only way to write a NULL in the database is through an Advanced Query (UPDATE .... SET birthdate = NULL). Nevertheless, bare in mind that when you read the field again in Service Studio, you will never read NULL - the only data type in which you have a NULL value in Service Studio is the Entity Identifier.  If you have a NULL value in a Service Studio entity the database, Service Studio will read it as the NullValue representation of the data type you are using (for example, if birthdate is DateTime field, when you read the record in service studio you will have the value 1900-01-01 in the OutSystems Entity Record).

You can read the About Null Values section in Service Studio online help.


Daniel Lourenço

There is an Idea in the Wisdom of the Crowds suggesting NULL support.  You can review it and vote for it.