Error: Error compiling Cordova plugin: .

I've resolved this problem, but I am posting it here so that others may benefit.

My platform was up and running, I'd managed to create one mobile app, and generate an Android version of it successfully.

When it came to publish two or three more mobile apps, they all published fine, but failed when generating the Android version.

The error message wasn't very helpful:

Error: Error compiling Cordova plugin: . 

I went down a rabbit hole of checking all the plugins I had used, checking dependencies, trying to work out what was different about the new apps that were failing, and the one app that continued to generate Android versions successfully. I even created a Hello World app that had no dependencies, but still the error occurred when generating an Android version.

I eventually found the AndroidBuildLog, which you can download via a tiny icon in the Native Platforms section, on the Distribute tab of the application section of Service Center.

It turns out that it was the App Identifier that was the problem. The new apps had been generated by an internal team called the "Byte Team", so it made sense for the App Identifier to be


Hidden within the AndroidBuildLog was the true error:

Package 'companyname.byte.test.appname' from AndroidManifest.xml is not a valid Java package name as 'byte' is a Java keyword.

So lesson learned, be careful when choosing App Identifiers, there are certain words that are not allowed.

It would be helpful if Outsystems could update their documentation to reflect this.

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Nice Darren Meldrum ,

 Obviously it will help others who face this problem.


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