Database tables for where eSpace versions are stored

Hi All,

I wish to use the Service Center utility to delete old eSpaces. However I want to take a backup of the database tables which stores all the details of the versions including the oml files corresponding to those versions.

Can anyone tell me which all tables should I take a backup of?




Hi Shounak,

Espace and Espace version are kept this records.\

also you can find in system for Espace related all entity.


Rahul sahu


Hi Shounak,

Like Rahul said, this information is kept in the Espace and Espace_Version system tables.

If you look into the physical database, you can query them and export their information using:

  • Espace table physical name: ossys_espace
  • Espace_Version table physical name: ossys_espace_version

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas