is there any way to prevent the situation of describing "if" screen.

Hi everyone. Thank you for always helping me.

I want to describe two pattern on the Screen using "if" widget in mobile apps.

If Entity's value is empty, "True" has only picture, and "False" has describing some result from entity.

But after setting, I noticed despite there has any value, when return this screen from another screen, "True" screen is described for a moment.

How to prevent this situation? Is there any way?

I checked this page.They say"Even before the data from the aggregates and the data actions is fetched, the screen appears to the user with the static resources. To prevent this situation, adopt an offline first implementation approach.", but I can't find the way...

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Hi Yumiko,

We are having the "Is Data Fetched" boolean variable for the aggregates and data actions. Until the data is loaded from the aggregate or data action this value will be false. So please check how it will be helpful for your scenario.