Bootstrapping Data to Entity with Existing Data

Hi All, I currently have an entity that has some data inside of it already. However, I would like to bootstrap more data through importing an excel file. Would it rewrite the entire entity or simply add to it? If it rewrites entirely, is there a way around this problem? Thanks for your help.

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Hi RY,

The data bootstrap won't override the existing data in the respective DB table. Make sure that you disable the IF Node in the automatically created Bootstrap Timer Action flow as shown below. But in the next publish make sure that you enable the same IF node in the action flow :)

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

Please check this documentation (w/ video)

In relation to being able to choose whether you want the data to be added or the table to be cleaned and then add the new data, you can start by having a Boolean property site, so that you can control this behavior without being in design time.

Then, if you want to add, just do the normal creates. If you want to validate whether the data exists or not, you do the validation first if it exists, do nothing if there is no child ... You can also have a solution that is an excel that came from the download of your table, and therefore already has an Identifier, and now you want to upload it again, it remains just a create or update.

If you want to delete everything first, and then fill in new data, then you can do a bulk delete action, with a sql advance and after deleting the entire table, just create the new records. Do not forget that if it is a bootstrap with many records, it is better to think about a timer, and do it asynchronously.