Retail Business Logic - Noob Question

Hi everyone!
I'm currently on 40% progress of the "Developing Web Apps (OutSystems 11) " course, but decided to try to create my own app, anyways. I don't have any programming knowledge besides what is taught in the mentioned course (apart from some Excel skills).

The purpose of the app is to create a website / database for a retail business for secondhand baby clothes/items.
I'm trying to create the business logic using a core module for all the data related entities and such, as is taught in the course. My question (for now) is simply if there's any simpler / more efficient way of doing this.
As you can see from the attachments, I have several entities (maybe too many?) with the purpose of later creating dropdown menus as you see on any clothing store website.
Is it possible to not create as many entities but rely on filters to do this?
Using this logic, I still have to add *at least* 2 more base entities for gender and age, which will then make create like a dozen more entities which branch out from these new ones. I can't help but have the feeling there is a way simpler and easier than this.




Hi Guilherme,

First of all, creating static entities means that you can not at runtime add other second hand items categories. 

Second, you can create relationships between static entities too like with normal entities.

You can also model this with one static entity. Add another attribute to the static entity called ParentCategoryId of data type Category Identifier.


Then 1 record Root with no Parent

Then 2 record Clothes and Shoes with Root as parent

Then 2 records ShoesGirl and ShoesBoy with Shoes as parent




Ohhhhhhh this makes it much simpler! Thank you, Daniel!
I'll post the results when I get everything looking neat.

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