How to refresh aggregate present in web-block from another screen

Can anyone suggest me how to refresh the aggregate present in web block from parent screen.

When I click button on parent screen some data will be added to database, now the aggregate present in child block should be refreshed and display the latest aggregate data on parent screen.

Hi Jahanvi,

1) For Reactive App -  Define the OnParametersChanged Event handler in the Block scope, of which the action will have a Refresh data node that will refresh the DataSource i.e the Aggregate

2) For Traditional Web Application - Place the aggregate in the WebBlock preparation flow and on the click of the button (Set as Ajax Submit) in the parent screen Ajax refresh the Webblock

Hope this helps you!


Benjith Sam

Hi Jahnavi,

To refresh your aggregate (in preparation) or components (webblock, list, containers...), dont forget to use this elements: