Request failed with an error

Hi ,

I am receiving this "Request failed with an error" in my android device when i hit the login button.How can  i resolve this error and achieve logging in the android device.

Please help me with this issue. 



Hi Uma,

Check in serviec center error log,

I got same issue many time it is connection issue from server.


Rahul Sahu

Hi Uma,

Did you try to see the logs in service center, I hope error must be logging there, you will get an idea what is wrong with the application.




I checked my service center , and these error were listed:

But i am able to login from the browser and  role is also created correctly.

So why is it still displaying this error in the service center.

Kindly help to solve this.



Hi Uma,

May be something wrong in your role entity please check there is role with 149 id exist or not.

And same check in User_Role entity if there is user who have role id 149.



Uma, I think you answered it, you are on external network which does not have access to application server. Try connecting to the network which hosts the application server and check if you are still getting the same error. I think this error should go away then.

I faced similar issue when testing offline mode on my mobile application, those were because of some server calls being made in offline code.

Hope this helps!