Popup widget refresh parent

Popup widget refresh parent

Hi all,

I'm using the Popup_Editor widget from Outsystems to open a window like a popup.

Now I need to know if it theres a way on that popup to refresh the "parent" window without closing it, or, refresh the "parent" when I click the X button on the upper right corner.

I already tried javascript but it says that this window (popup) is not a popup, so there's no parent window.

Thanks in advance

Inside a screen action in the screen that is shown in the popup, you can call Popup_Editor_Notify action from the RichWidgets eSpace. This will trigger the execution of the ScreenAction set in the OnNotify of the Popup_Editor web block widget in the parent screen. Inside that action you can retrieve the parameter that was passed by calling the builtin action NotifyWidgetGetMessage

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra

Hi Gustavo,

thanks for the answer. It worked!!

I should know that the Popup_Editor_Notify action would refresh the parent window :(
. I already use that action when I close a popup from a screen action. Why didn't I understand that this action could be used to refresh the parent without closing the popup.....

Anyway, thanks again.