How to fix bugs when my app is already published

Hi, I will publish an app in Play Store and Apple Store. What I wanna know is: If my app is published and an error occurs, have a simple way to fix this without republish the app in the platforms

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In the same way with tradicional development, if you need to do a new release, you'll need to publish it in the stores.


If they are simple errors, you don't have to generate or make a new deployment, just hotfix the bugs, they are automatically synchronized with the installed app. If they are more complicated bugs, or something related to plugins, icons, main colors, among others, you will have to generate a new version, and deploy the APK and IPA in stores for approval.

Extra info: Apply a Hotfix



Please, check this documents:

When developing a mobile app, after you click on “1-Click Publish” the changes made to the app automatically become available to the users with no need to install a new app version. The mobile apps running on the user devices automatically detect the updates when the apps establish a connection to the server. Only mobile app packages generated from an environment receive the new developments and changes published in that same environment. 

Situations when the user must install a new build

Even though every time a “1-Click Publish” runs the changes are automatically made available to the app, some changes require from the users to install an updated app package on the device. It happens when:

  • the configurations for a mobile platform were changed
  • the Extensibility Configurations property was changed, for instance, modification, addition or removal of mobile plugins, changes to status bar transparency, custom icons or splash screens, and so on
  • an external resource of a plugin was updated
  • the app name was changed
  • the entry module or its name was changed
  • the app icon was replaced
  • the main color of the app was changed