upload node modules inside my web application

i'm trying to implement a server side authorization in the google analytics dashboard that i embed in my application. i found the guide here: https://tonyxu.io/posts/2018/embed-google-analytics-dashboard-on-website/

I was able to successfully embed the google analytics into my application but the problem is there is no server side authorization. for the stats to show in the page, the user needs to login using the google analytics account.

for the server side authorization to work, i need to install some node modules which is also included in the guide. since npm commands doesnt work in outsystems, i decided to generate the node_modules in my local machine then try to upload them in my outsystems application. is that possible? if yes, how can i upload those files and use them inside my application?

any help would be appreciated. Thanks :)


Hi Ronald,

I do not think you can upload a nodes modules to OutSystems.

You can integrate JavaScript code in OutSystems but not NodeJS modules.

Did you use one of the many Firebase components in the Forge?



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