[Active Directory] can ask a few questions?

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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta

Dear Renato Pauleta or anyone use this forge

it's normal to search 1 person take time like 5-10 minute?

and can i get from search only specific properties like only get Name, DistinguishedName, Title, EmailAddress and SamAccountName?

and when i use server action (AD_UsersGet) only give me empty list (the token already made and used in this test)?

thanks, best regards Agus


Hi Agus,

It shouldn’t take that long. You might need to check the connection between the environment you’re running the platform and your AD. Maybe your tech ops team can help.

I don‘t have an action to just get a few attributes, you need to use the one for the user details, but it brings a lot of information. Still changing that to just get a few attributes does not improve the performance.

Don’t know why your get users is coming out empty, if the search works then it should work too.