How to replace the Text Expression Value with Local Variable List that has a Link

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This is my third question and is still the same as the assignment given by my boss to my first and my second question, because I still haven't found a way to solve this and I think, the difficulty I experienced is more specific about how to replace text expressions with text in the other record list

So, I was given the task to create a dynamic form, where if the Admin enters text and strings enclosed in the {{}} pattern then the text will be a variable whose value can be filled in by Users who access it with a pop-up modal,

This is my mock up

So far I've done

I have successfully created jQuery to retrieve text that has a {{}} pattern and then convert it to a value in the javascript variable and convert it to a JSON String which is then sent to the server and become a local variable with Deserialize JSON, and have obtained a list of local variables with ListAppend , then the list is given a navigate to pop-up link so that the value can be filled by the User.

What I want to ask is how to replace the text expression containing {{value}} from the form with the list of {{}} value patterns that the link was given previously ,

I haven't found a way or clue to do that, but I'm sure it looks like outsystems can do this, so I want to ask if it's the right way to replace value expressions with record lists that have characters in the same {{}} string value

Please help me, because my boss has requested that this project can be completed immediately, thank you all

For more information, I put my OML file in the attachment

Hi Sjyamsu,

Without looking into your OML, a few observations:

  1. OutSystems allows low code development. You are using jQuery and JavaScript, something that shouldn't be needed. Have you considered processing with OutSystems?
  2. If I understand correctly, you want to replace text in a Text variable. This can be done via the built-in Replace() Function.


Hi Sjyamsu,

I total agree with Kilian, but this topic isn't the same that you already open and mark as solved in this link?


Also using expressions and local variables are some of the most basic things in Outsystems, I believe they're covered in the first chapters of the guided path. Have you completed it?