Como Extrair varios dados de Url difernte REST (Html)

Alguem poderia me ajudar com um exemplo.

como posso extrair vários conteúdos do mesmo site mais em paginas diferentes.

  • Exemplo: Na página do pingo doce (https://www.pingodoce.pt/receitas/), há várias receitas, pretendendo extrair uma receita do tipo carne e também uma receita de peixe. 
  • como fazer para salvar os dois ou mais registros (das receitas) na minha tabela Receitas, qual é o URL diferente?

(Someone could help me with an example.

how I can extract various contents from the same site more on different pages.

Example: On the pingo doce page (https://www.pingodoce.pt/receitas/), there are several recipes, intending to extract a meat type recipe and also a fish recipe. 

How can I save the two or more entries (of the recipes) in my Recipes table, what is the different URL?)

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Hi João,

The best language to use on this forum is English, as there are many knowledgeable people that do not speak Portuguese. Do you think you can edit the post and change it to English? Thanks.

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Hi João,

During NextStep 2019, OutSystems MVP Miguel 'Kelter' Antunes held a tech talk about Web Scraping with OutSystems.

Maybe you have already seen it, but I thought there might be something useful in there that can help you solve your problem.



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can someone help me? please

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Hi João,
I have created a sample for that, it's attached to this post.
Indeed the sample was based on the Web Scraping component developed by Miguel Antunes in NextStep2019.

In this sample, you access www.pingodoce.pt/receitas and from there extract all the possible links. I even get into one of the links and extract the content, which is one recipe, just for demonstrate how it would work. 

For your implementation, allow me to suggest to:
1. have an Action for scraping the pages only looking for recipes' links (recursively);
2. Once you list them all, there may be duplicate links, so you need to clean it up;
3. With the clean list, go thru each of the links and extract the recipes;
4. You may have a process to run from time to time to get new recipes;
5. Once you have the links and the recipes, you can accomodate the way it makes sense to your app.

I hope it helps.

Otávio Souza.