Application Downgrade


I need to update the outsystems plataform server (v11.0.542.0 to v11.8.2) but i'm concerned about component changes that may cause problems with my application. Is it possible to make a downgrade to the older version if the update cause problems?

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Hi Gian Luca,

Since it's not a major upgrade from version 10 to version 11 as an example, it's not expected that you will have A LOT of breaking changes. You may find a few of course, but they should be easy to deal with.

A way for you to check what are the changes between platform server versions is to open each platform server version later than yours and find what's new in those versions. Once you finish verifying what will be different, you can start planning on that update that should ALWAYS include a full backup of your OutSystems databases, so in case you need to rollback, you may restore an environment with the backup you took.

The two links below should be included in your rollback plan, I'd prefer to go with the second.

Reconfiguring an installation to use a restored database:

Fresh installation using a restored database:

Just another tip, always start updates / upgrades with LifeTime environment and always use the installation checklist to guide you in the update.